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Why doesn't my promotion code work?

Jonathan -

There are a few reasons why the promotion code you are trying to use won't work during checkout. See the following information for more details.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are having trouble with a promotion code, please do not go ahead with your order until the issue has been resolved. We are unable to later offer a refund for the discount amount once the order has been placed.


Incorrect Box

Promotion codes should be entered into the promotion code box during checkout. The codes are case sensitive, so double check your code before hitting enter.


Expired Code

The code you are using has already past the expiry date.


Incorrect Account

If you have been issued a promotion code by one of our support staff, that code will be assigned specifically to your account using your email address. Please make sure that you confirm the email address you use to log into your CyclingExpress.com account. We sometimes find that customers will use their personal email address for their CyclingExpress.com account and contact us with a question using their work email address. Your code may simply be assigned to the wrong email address.


Limited Time & Clearance Items

Most of the promotion codes we issue are not valid for use against items that are marked limited time or clearance. These items are already heavily discounted at very competitive prices, so we are unable to offer further discounts.


One Promotion Code Per Order ONLY

Our computer system is set up to only allow one promotion code per order. We cannot combine codes for you and there is no way around the computer system. If you have more than one promotion code you can save one for a future purchase.


Still Having Trouble?

If none of these issues seem to be causing the problem, please send us an email and include the promotion code and a screen shot that includes the item numbers in your basket. Send the email to sales@cyclingexpress.com and we will do our best to solve the problem for you.

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